International Boarding Camps


The world is constantly changing. Whether you look at technology or culture, it’s easy to see that our world is evolving at an alarming rate. We recognize this and that’s why we continue to devote ourselves to preparing children for the future ahead of them. We also understand that no matter what changes, people will always need to communicate with each other. That’s why we think it is crucial for our students to immerse themselves in an international environment and create international connections with students from all over the world.

Our International Boarding Camps are organized and run by leading international schools all over the globe. Attracting some of the world’s brightest and most adventurous students, there is no doubt that joining one of our partnered camps is an unforgettable experience for all of those involved. With each camp offering its own range of academic courses, students are given the opportunity to explore a subject they may be interested in but usually have no time to study in their normal school curriculum. With each member bringing their own unique perspective, our classes share a common desire for each subject.

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Hawai’i Preparatory Academy


The American School in England


Delphian Summer Camps in Oregon