Adventure Club

in Taiwan


Adventure Club is an annual BigByte event held in Taiwan to give you and your children a chance to enjoy the BigByte experience together. Adventure Club events take place in special locations around Taiwan, giving you a chance to visit and learn about wonderful, new locations. During these events, you and your children are grouped with other students and parents and given a series of challenges to keep you on your toes. By the end, you will have taken an adventure across a new landscape, bonding with your team in the process. We believe Adventure Club gives your children an opportunity to explore within Taiwan, opening their eyes to sights they may never have visited otherwise. It also gives your children a chance to work together with you and put their creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork into practice. 

BigByte started hosting Adventure Club events back in 2015. Starting out, the goal of Adventure Club events was simply to put your children in new situations and allow them to solve problems outside of their comfort zone. Since then, BigByte has completed 7 Adventure Club events, from cycling the paths of Yilan to learning archery in Qixing Park, Yangmingshan. Sign up our to our newsletter to hear more about this year's Adventure Club event.

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