Our Story


At BigByte Education, we believe there is a better way to educate the youth. A more current, skill-focused way where a student learns invaluable skills that can and will be applied in their future. We are obsessively passionate about education, and our mission is to help the next generation as best we can. We focus mainly on providing students with comprehensive English language skills. With recent advances in technology, we know the education landscape is constantly improving and we see this as an opportunity. We're excited to provide you with an excellent education through our courses, trips, and community.





BigByte Education was founded by Debra Lin in 1994. Back then, BigByte started as a place for motivated young learners to learn English. 24 years later, BigByte has been transformed into an education company with 5 schools across Taipei and 3 international partnerships.



Driven by our continuous desire to help the leaders of tomorrow, BigByte has made many improvements over the past 24 years. In 1996, we introduced a new reading program, giving students a chance to read and reflect every day. Then, in 1999, we organized our first international trip, sending our students to California for a six-week study course. More recently, in 2008, we were invited by the National Science Council to take part in SciFest in Finland, where top students from all over the world come to represent their country.



To help the next generation, we have always looked toward the future of education. In 2016, we introduced a new forward-thinking curriculum following Common Core Standards to help our students stay competitive internationally. With our new integrated curriculum, we shifted our focus to skills of the future, such as creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, and public speaking. Then, in 2017, we embraced blended learning when we began using a Learning Management System (LMS) to bring our classrooms into the 21st century.

They call it learning, we call it fun!
— Debra Lin


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