Study Abroad in the U.K.



Every summer, BigByte sends students to London, U.K. to study at The American School in England (TASIS). With almost 200 students from 31 nations joining the camp, our students are exposed to various different cultures and build international friendships. As one of Europe's leading international schools, TASIS England's mission is to nurture intellectual curiosity and embolden each learner to flourish as a principled, open-minded, and compassionate member of a global community. During the week, students will spend their mornings learning a subject of their choice, ranging from English language arts and debate, to photography and business, and their afternoons participating in physical activities of their choice, such as soccer, badminton, horseback-riding, and archery.

Throughout this trip, students live on campus under the supervision of qualified teaching professionals. We believe our boarding school program is an excellent way to prepare the students of today for the challenges of tomorrow. It equips them with the skills necessary to navigate a rapidly-changing world that requires its inhabitants to be adaptable, resourceful and culturally well-versed. By participating in the boarding school program, students get the opportunity to immerse themselves in an environment where English is the principal form of communication. They get to use English on a round-the-clock basis in all spheres of school life, in the dining hall, in the classroom, and on the sports fields. Our students are also exposed to a different approach to learning from what they are used to. Whereas teaching in Taiwan is usually teacher-led, the methods employed at TASIS put the students at the center of the learning experience. Students are encouraged to take ownership of the learning process.

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