Walking for Nepal '18

This year, BigByte will be hosting a student walkathon to raise money for our service learning trip to Nepal in January 2019.

Why Nepal?


What is Service Learning?

Simply put, Service Learning is a form of community service in which students engage in activities that address human and community needs. Service Learning is just as much about transforming communities as it is about transforming the individual. The ultimate aim is for students to become better citizens in their own community.

At BigByte, we believe Service Learning begins in the heart and mind of the individual; they must understand themselves before they can attempt to understand others. This will prompt them to develop personal connections with those whom they are serving, for it is within community involvement where one’s home understanding and knowledge are transformed.


Why Service Learning?

Within the community, there are material improvements and the creation of work opportunities for the community residents. Furthermore, community leaders are able to build long-term relationships and make connections across the globe.

As a student, you are presented with a range of problems communities face and you are challenged to think critically and solve real-life problems. Working together with foreign communities means a student must be resilient and learn to work effectively with others regardless of the barriers placed in front of them. Moreover, being a part of such a life-changing experience means you have the opportunity to reevaluate what is really important to you.


How can you help?