6 Questions Educators Want You to Ask

School’s going great. Your kids are getting back into their routines-- completing homework, learning and playing with their friends, having a blast at their extracurricular activities, and just overall having a blast. But what happens if things aren’t going so swell? How do you solve this issue? 

Showing up to Open House is a great way to set you and your child up for success in the school year. When parents and educators can bring about a cohesive and supportive environment by working together and communicating, our students are able to excel both academically and behaviorally.

Here are 6 questions that BigByte educators want you to ask: 

1. What can I do to help my child? How can I set up a reward system at home? 

Why You Should Ask This:
Students have a routine at school, where they collaborate with their classmates and focus on building academic and social skills. By asking this question, you can continue these positive routines and encourage students to continue their positive behavior from the classroom into the home (and vice versa).

2. How can we communicate and work together effectively?

Why You Should Ask This: 
If you have any concerns about your child’s performance, please let your child’s educator know so your expectations can be aligned. Educators would also love to hear about events happening at home that may affect a student so they can be aware of any potential issues. Prevention, instead of reaction, will go a long way to make our students feel supported. Knowing immediately how to reach out to your educator will open the lines of communication and build that dialogue. 

3. How can I encourage my child to be more interested in English outside the classroom?

Why You Should Ask This: 
Learning at BigByte provides a fun, immersive English classroom environment, but living in a Chinese-speaking home doesn’t lend itself to many organic English-speaking opportunities. Finding unique ways to incorporate English outside the classroom will spark enthusiasm for a lifetime of self-motivated learning. 

4. What BigByte resources should I be using to stay updated and informed?

Why You Should Ask This: 
BigByte dedicates time and resources to put systems in place so parents can know what’s happening at school. Being able to take advantage of those resources is invaluable. 

5.Can you help me understand the curriculum and the supplies that my child will need?

Why You Should Ask This: 

Our young students often can’t articulate the full reasoning behind certain curricula choices or supply needs. Asking our educators directly what they need to be prepared for class will allow students to focus on big picture learning.

6. What do BigByte’s academic performance assessments mean? 

Why You Should Ask This: 

Grades are posted online but if you are unsure of the grading system or your educator’s grading methodology and style, then it will be difficult to quantify all those numbers and their meaning. Should you be worried about those grades? Or should you actually be rewarding your child for their proficient writing?

By working with your educator and your child, you are already well on your way to making this school year a great one! Be sure to ask your educator one (or all) of these questions and let us know if this helped you and your child’s educator communicate. 

Jenna Y